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Plymouth Services for Children and Young People are pleased to be able to support ETE and the ISCE, including their Polar Fun Days, as these support and encourage young people to engage with learning in an innovative and exciting environment, close to the heart of their own communities. Learning of this nature also contributes to the raising of aspiration and building of confidence.

We will continue to support ETE/ISCE throughout the next school year and beyond as we believe it makes a positive difference to the lives of our young people.

Plymouth City Council, Heather Ogburn, 2010

The International Scott Centenary Expedition

ISCE - Thank you and Goodbye!

ISCE Ltd, was set up as a Limited Company and Registered Charity in order to better execute the ISCE project objectives over the period of the Scott centenary. These objectives have now been fulfilled and the Scott centenary period (2010-2013) is now over. Over 100,000 students and school children were directly engaged in our outreach work over the centenary period. Our engagement with the wider community through the Telegraph competition, WWT, Plymouth University and other partners has reached many hundreds of thousands of people. Many more lives have been enriched with the inspiration of Captain Scott and his team through our project work. However, this centenary work is now done and the Trustees and Directors of ISCE Ltd. are now taking steps to close ISCE Ltd. as both a registered charity and as a Limited Company.

As a result, we are no longer seeking or able to accept donations. As per our charitable objectives and articles of association, all residual funds in the ISCE will be donated to the Scott 100 appeal at the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge, to help support the ongoing work of Scott and his team through their national memorial.

Our thanks go to all those who have volunteered their time, comittment and energy to the ISCE vision over the past years, in particular to the project Sponsors, Trustees, Patrons and administrators.

Henry Evans, our Telegraph competition winner, continues the work that he started through winning the competition: visiting schools, colleges and Universities across the United Kingdom. Henry talks energetically about his experience on the ISCE South Pole adventure, Captain Scott, his science and inspiration and how this affects our lives today. He has been suppported in this work by the Univeristy of Plymouth who appointed him an ambassador for the University, as well as by the ISCE. Henry is now taking the project world-wide with an international tour of schools and colleges and will continue such visits in the UK and overseas by invitation into the forseeable future. He is also publishing a book of his experiences. To follow Henry, buy his book, or to book him to visit your school, visiit his website:


Welcome to the ISCE 2012!

Reading these pages is your opportunity to become involved in one of the most dynamic projects celebrating the centenary of the British Antarctic Expedition (1910-1913) aboard Terra Nova and the death of Captain Scott and the Pole Party in March 1912. Find out more about Captain Scott on our 'Captain Scott' pages.

The centenary expedition itself will leave for the Antarctic in 2012. You can find out more about this and our sponsors on our 'Expedition' pages, and more on the ISCE and our supporting patrons in our 'about us' section.

Robert Falcon Scott

Not only will the expedition salute the memory of Scott and his Pole Party, it will celebrate their achievements, providing a powerful focus to our education and outreach programme. Our education and outreach work is already under way and you can find out more about this on our 'Education' pages. You can also keep up to date with our current and future events on our 'News' pages.

With our emphasis on science, education and exploration, the ISCE is deeply imbued by Captain Scott and his legacy. Numerous expeditions are 'racing to the Pole' for the centenary; but to race is an adventurer's dash.  Scott preferred instead to execute his programme of scientific, education and exploration work - as do we.

A century on, Scott's legacy is to be found in the modern framework of the Antarctic Treaty itself, which designates Antarctica as an international continent for science. With its educational and scientific emphases, this expedition will be supporting this ethos. We will also be supporting the work of the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge, which continues the legacy of Scott's expeditions in the Polar regions to this day, ensuring a century of polar scientific work inspired by Captain Scott.

In order to achieve our objectives, the ISCE is proud to be working in co-operation with the British Services Antarctic Expedition (2012) which shares our ideals and objectives. We are the only two expeditions to receive rarely granted British government recognition, to celebrate the Scott Centenary on the Antarctic ice. Together, we will ensure that the centenary of one of our greatest explorers is truly celebrated 'In the Spirit of Captain Scott'.

Seeking to Further the Bounds of Human Exploration and Knowledge


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Cheri Hunston's ISCE Scott Centenary Artwork Completed

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We are offering a limited number of companies an opportunity to show their support of the ISCE project by sponsoring this map of Antarctica.